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  1. Enter Your GTA 5 Username/Gamertag/PSN ID.

    If you don’t know your GTA 5 Username please enter your Origin username.
    Your Origin username is usually your gamertag or PSN username.

  2. Select your Plateform

    Please make sure you selected your device where you playiing Grand Theft Auto 5.
    We need to know which platform your club is connected to as the login-servers varies.

  3. Select amount of Money and Reputation

    Make sure you select the amount of Money & Rp you want to add on your GTA 5 account.

  4. Complete a short survey

    Please fill out one of our affiliates surveys. We do this for 3 reasons: 1.) To make sure you are human. 2.) To restrict the amount of code generations per day. 3.) To help us pay for the servers and staff.